Cracking the Software Interview-IV

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3 min readJul 15, 2021


In this episode of Pep and Prep talks! the host is having a conversation with Aditya Nath(who has joined Bank of America as a Software Engineer) regarding his placement experience for the software roles. He has also done two internships in his final year. He talks about: all the three company processes in a detailed manner, how the internship experience helped him, things we should go through just before the interviews, how to leverage our time to make the most out of it, and finally how to keep going even after the failing interviews.

Pep and Prep talks! Cracking the Software Interview series :)

I decided to make this article a bit different, because of the detailed description of rounds for each company. Bilwa, we don’t have time to read, well then listen to the podcast (hehe).

About the Company rounds…

  1. E&Y
  • Off-campus and through referral.
  • They had to send resumes first for applying.
  • After getting shortlisted, there was a interview call where earlier experience regarding internships and projects was asked.

2. Capegemini

  • First round: Online Test

Had pseudo code related section, aptitude tests(verbal, quants, logical reasoning), game based aptitude tests(data observation skills), and behavioral competency profiling.

  • Technical Interview

Questions related to coding concepts (Arrays, pointers, software engineering concepts). Explaining projects and internships was required and questions pertaining them were asked.

  • HR Interview

Tell me about yourself, your background and family. Why do you want to work in our company? What kind of skills/experience do you bring to the company?

3. Bank of America

  • Online Test

Pretty unique test with 5 questions: 2 questions related to coding, 3rd question had to record a video to talk about previous internships, 4th question was to explain the 2nd coding question logic and approach, and 5th question was “Do you have anything else to tell us about yourself?”.

  • Technical Interview

Questions related to DBMS(Database Management Systems), SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle), and OOP(Object Oriented Programming) concepts.

  • HR+Technical Interview

Questions: What role do you think you can do and why? Why do you want to work in our company?

Additional Questions…

Did having prior experience of internships help in landing the job?

  • The brand name of companies and the work does help a lot while applying for jobs.

What concepts to go through just before an interview round?

  • Going through resume is a must. (Make pointers in your head to answer)
  • The concepts mentioned above in Technical Round.(FAQs)
  • Pointers to mention about your hobbies (Writing etc.)

How to leverage time to the best in the placement season?

  • Make sure you know what company you are aiming for.
  • If it’s Big Tech companies then make sure to clear concepts regarding Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Clear understanding of one programming language is required.
  • DBMS, OS, Internet and Web Programming concepts to be revised.
  • Go through your Resume time to time.

How to keep going even after the failed interviews?

Don’t compare your path to anyone else, learn from failed interviews and keep going!

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